I suppose I am writing here since there’s been a change of pace, though mostly because my concept of time relative to b-Mpc updates seems so elongated compared to “normal” time (in actuality, it will only be one week with no update). There are quite a few reasons (none bad, no worries!) mainly including some “real adult” duties and a bit of indecision regarding what to portray in next week’s update. I am about two panels into Monday’s page, so that issue is mostly resolved. More importantly, I bought an Intuos Pro a few days ago and am currently getting used to using it. You may think this means faster updates, but I’m fairly certain it means the opposite — instead, I am aiming for much higher quality, higher resolution, larger comics with more complex artistry, as I can do this now with less pain and frustration. I decided I was done feeling embarrassed over the quality of my comics, and wasn’t willing to wait to buy a Cintiq — the Wacom Intuos line is much more affordable, so I’ll have something to work with until I can buy something shinier. There’s been quite a learning curve with the dissociation of input and output in drawing, as well as the tablet-t0-screen mapping (especially with my double monitor setup), but so far I’m more than happy with the tablet and drawing becomes easier every day. But enough product review, more talk about comics!

You may be wondering where exactly I’m taking this webcomic. I’ve just been doing singles for now because I want to work up to a style I’m comfortable with before launching (no pun intended) into the storyline. Yes, it will be long. Yes, there will be space, space stations, and starships. No, it will not be all fun, silly, happy-go-lucky. I want to keep the comic humorous, but the storyline will tackle serious issues as well, so be prepared! Once I’m ready I’ll let you all know, although currently I have insufficient data to estimate when that will be. Until then, enjoy the singles, and feel free to email me with questions, comments, or just to chat!