How can this be? Title Page 2 without Title Page 1?… I’ll get around to fixing it someday. This whole thing has been kinda haphazard anyway, which is okay as I intend the Starstuff arc to be a prologue to Barn-Megaparsec. Bear with me! I’m just experimenting.

Also, apologies for the prolonged delay. Holidays and bad viruses and work sapped nearly all my energy. As I write this I am again getting sick, which is part of the reason I turned this update into a title page rather than an actual comic page, as that would likely push the update into February, which I promised wouldn’t happen, and I try to keep my promises when I can, you know?

I hope you all stick around to see where this is headed. I already have the next page planned so hopefully it won’t take too long! But no promises! I am the worst at comics.

Y’all are beautiful. Please comment as always and feel free to hit me up, I gots an email address, because emails are the spice of life. Beep boop.