I’ve decided to make a schedule for updates rather than scattering them all willy-nilly, which was silly anyway. Progress is good! I think I am making nice steps toward improvement. I’m still constructing a couple things including a Cast page where you can get character synopses and my About page which I need to add some stuff to. When things are a bit more settled (including, hopefully, some sort of backlog of comics which I currently DO NOT have, I am drawing and posting in real-time) I suppose I can start re-looking at the whole site design, but I don’t want to deal with that now, so, that’s it. Yep.

This is all good fun, really. I’m still pretty okay with being mediocre at comics. There’s a saying in Armenian, կամաց-կամաց (kamats-kamats), which literally means “slowly-slowly,” but can be used as a response to “How are you?” to mean “Meh” or “Okay.” With my fondness of non-numerical scales, instead of going from 1 = utter despair to 10 = eternal bliss, I like to rescale and have 10 be pretty okay, acceptable, or contented. It’s my “kamats-kamats” scale! So the point is, for someone who’s a comics hobbyist rather than a professional comicker or artist, I’m fairly content with this project so far. I hope folks are enjoying it as well!

Until next time,