Seems like maybe it’s time to write something here again, so here I am! I hope the few people who actually visit this site think (at the very least) my work isn’t complete garbage. I haven’t received much feedback at all, so if you were ever considering sending me an email, go ahead and do it! I’m not that great at responding to emails, but I’m quite good at reading them.

Also, if you like what you see here at all, or know someone who might like it, please share. It would mean a lot to me to get more traffic on the site than I do now, which will become especially relevant once I apply for ads (I’m a starving student). I feel as if there’s dust gathering on some of the links! So, spread the word about b-Mpc if that’s something you’re into. That’d be cool of you. Or, click the Donate link (Paypal) and send me a buck or two. Proceeds will only go toward my web hosting fund and my Cintiq fund, so you’d really be helping me with the site. Again, only if it’s something you’re into, but any amount would be spectacular.

Thanks for reading,