Hello everyone! Long time no comic, right?

I believe most will have assumed by now I abandoned b-Mpc. In reality, I’ve been pondering for quite some time about what to do with this project, and came to the conclusion that given a multitude of factors, the best decision was to wipe and reboot — especially for my first longform story, Starstuff. When I began, I really had no idea what I wanted from the story, and was making it up as I went along in the truest sense of the phrase — I didn’t even script or thumbnail my pages before I started painting. Pairing that unfortunate approach with this comic serving as my introduction to digital art was a recipe for disaster.

However, Starstuff is not gone. As of writing this, I have already begun scripting the new and improved version of the story. (I believe my art skills have improved a bit as well.) I do not yet have estimates of a launch date, but hopefully this time around I will have some semblance of a regular update schedule… I’ve heard those can be useful.

Finally, huge thanks to everyone who has supported me in this little endeavor. I can’t wait to share my comics with you!